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too many to count, but these ones stuck in my mind:

Order of the White Moon Goddess Gallery

The Old Goddess by Max Dashu (research on Mother Holle)

About Pele, the Hawaiian Volcano and Fire Goddess

About Amazons:

Amazon Research Network

The Amazon Nation: A Source Book

About Yoruban / West African Orisha Spirituality:

River of Honey

Olokun, Orisa of the Waters

On Lukumi-Yoruba Tradition

About lionesses:

Lioness and Cub Facts

And male lions:

Lion Facts

Wiki Page on Lions

Research for Cancer, the Crab:

Cancer: the Crab & the Scarab

Cultural Depictions of Turtles and Tortoises

Scarabs for Kids

Research for Capricorn:

Wiki Page on Ninhursag

Wiki Page on Enki

Ninhursag and Enki

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