Virgo – The Goddess – August 23 to September 22

“Virgo – the sign of the Goddess Herself –
has a mind that’s sharp and clear.
She’s independent and self-reliant,
a valued friend amongst her peer.
She’s objective and observant,
a perfectionist, discerning and refined.
She’s broad-minded and exclusive,
she’s generous and kind.
– by Silvestra Silvermoon

Goddess Symbolism

Virgo is the sign of the Great Cosmic Mother, the Goddess Herself.

The Virgo imagery is that of a young maiden to represent the Goddess as Virgin, but not in the Christian meaning of chaste and intact. The Goddess is the Universe, She is everything and all. She is Mother Nature who brought forth all of life, all order and harmony. The Goddess is a virgin under the original meaning that She gave birth to all existence by Herself, from within Herself, out of Herself.

The Great Mother Goddess as the Universe, as Mother Nature, creates life without another. She is Virgin. That is the original meaning behind the word. It it with that original meaning in mind that we can understand why Goddesses such as (the pre-patriarchal) Artemis were called Virgin Goddess. She was once upon a time seen as the Great Mother Herself.

As time went on, the meaning of the title Virgin was elaborated on. In ancient Greece, for instance, a virgin or “parthenos” was once a woman who was bound to no man. She was free and independent and not necessarily someone who’d never had sexual intercourse. Before patriarchy made pre-marital sexuality for women a taboo, Virgins were merely young women before pregnancy and motherhood. Throughout the ancient world virgins were the Priestesses of the Goddess, their main focus in life not being motherhood but rather the search for truth and knowledge.

As human consciousness evolved so did the imagery of the Goddess. Especially in ancient Greece in Her manifestation as the Moon She was represented no longer as one Goddess, but was portrayed as a Triple Goddess – the Maiden as the Goddess of the waxing crescent, the Mother as the Goddess of the full moon and the Crone as the Goddess of the waning crescent and dark moon.

The Virgin or Maiden Goddess symbolises birth, growth, freedom and youthful exuberance. (To find out more about the Moon and her three phases, please check out my post “Moon Magic and the Triple Goddess“)

So the first connection of the Maiden imagery of Virgo is the Goddess Herself – first as the Creatrix of all existence from within and out of Herself and second as the Maiden Moon Goddess who is free and unbound and symbolises new beginnings. As that the image of the Virgin also represents the Virgin Priestess who dedicates her life to the Goddess and Her teachings. (cf. the Tarot card “The High Priestess” or “Popess”)

The second connection of the Virgo imagery is linked to the timing of the sign. When western astrology was first written down by the ancient Mesopotamians the Sun was in Taurus and not Aries at the time of the spring equinox. So Virgo, the sign of the Goddess, fell not at the end of August, but rather at the beginning of the month when the first crops had ripened. Lammas on August 1st or 2nd to this day celebrates the harvest of the first crops, the grain or corn harvest.

So Virgo also represents the Corn Goddess, such as Demeter in Greece and Ceres in Rome. She symbolises abundance and Earth’s fruits. She is Mother Earth Herself who feeds and nourishes us from Her own body.

Interestingly, the sign of the Goddess is preceded by the sign of the Lioness. In the ancient world two lionesses (later lions) were often depicted flanking gates and thrones in their sacred role of Protectresses and Guardians of the Mysteries. With that in mind it probably is no accident that Leo precedes Virgo.

Virgo’s Characteristics and Traits

Virgo is one of those signs that get a lot of bad press. They’re often portrayed as boring, geekish and frigid. Nothing could be further from the truth! These erroneous and pretty slanderous descriptions are obviously based on the false belief that Virgo, the Virgin, is a chaste, prim and proper little lady who only does as she’s told. Well, let me tell you the truth…

When you hear Virgo don’t think of some Puritan maiden who’s prim and stiff and wouldn’t like sex if Adonis himself came begging for it.  Instead, visualise the Maiden Goddess of the Moon, a young woman who is strong, independent and free-thinking. Although wisdom is generally associated with the Crone aspect of the Moon, the Virgin Priestesses of the ancient world were the keepers of knowledge. They were not celibate but selective and every year participated in the celebration of the Sacred Marriage. The image of the Virgin Priestess captures the essence of Virgo very well.

Virgos are exceedingly clever, sharp, observant, analytical and free thinking. They are professionals who seek perfection and wish to create order and harmony from chaos. Virgos are mentally exceedingly agile and broad minded. They’re objective and tolerant of other’s life choices.

Virgos are great team players and are valued by those around them for their sensitivity and gentleness.

They are independent and self-reliant with a great sense of judgement. Virgos make excellent healers.

As is to be expected from an Earth sign Virgos are very much at home in their bodies. Their sharp Mercurian minds live in perfect harmony with their earthy sensuality. Virgos don’t just reside in their heads, but are generally dextrous and highly skilled at physical tasks.

In summary Virgo women (and men) are:

– clever
– intellectual
– sharp-minded
– rational
– objective
– analytical
– learned
– mentally agile

– professional
– with great judgement

– discerning
– acute
– researching
– comparative
– observant

– kind
– refined
– gentle
– shy
– peaceful
– seeking harmony
– sensitive

– great with people
– team players
– generous
– egalitarian

– responsive
– flexible
– broad-minded
– tolerant

– with high expectations
– exclusive
– perfectionists
– self-correcting
– achievers

– health conscious
– healers

– independent
– self-sufficient
– self-reliant
– uninhibited
– courageous

– practical
– responsible
– tenacious
– disciplined
– conscientious

– creative
– imaginative

– at home in their bodies
– sensual
– “marriage” of mind and body
– dextrous
– skilled

Virgo is a mutable Earth sign that is ruled by Freyja, the Goddess of Communication, Travel and the Power of the Mind.

It is associated with purple – the colour of wisdom – and earthy colours.

Within the body Virgo is linked to the intestines.

Virgo qualities are most prominent when the Sun, the Moon or the Ascendant (Rising Sign) are in the sign of the Goddess.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Rahul
    Apr 07, 2014 @ 12:33:17

    Wow so true , I had two Virgo Friends and they were really God-Like. I’m so lucky to have them 🙂


    Jan 04, 2017 @ 04:36:21


    I’ve been reading some misguided information regarding Virgos in some websites , It has brought me to worry to some extent … Can you help me out with some Information…

    waiting for a reply



  3. Aline
    Aug 25, 2017 @ 17:05:40

    I am a Virgo, still physically virgin at almost 25 years old, but not frigid. Bisexual, interested in bdsm and like subtle sexuality rather than straightforward simple f**king. Hate sexist men and subservient women, consider myself a feminist, though has been bullied a bit by hardcore radical femists for loving bdsm and was called not a real feminist.


  4. Aline
    Aug 25, 2017 @ 17:12:00

    I really want to be a healer though i didn’t go to study medicine in university because it would have required killing animals (rats), and it is simply against my gut feeling to take a healthy animal and hurt/kill it in order to make good to anyone. I would rather like becoming a vet doctor but its much morally heavier than even treating people. So far i.m a holistic vet for my own two dear cats and doctor for my mom and make some successes.


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