Gemini – The Twins – May 21 to June 20

“Gemini – sign of increase and duality –
is sharp witted and clever
with a big heart that’s warm and kind.
Her silver tongue could talk forever,
for she’s articulate and likes to speak her mind.
She’s open and fast thinking
and accepts all for who they are.
A marvellous storyteller and lover of people –
no matter what she chooses, her flexibility will take her far.”
– by Silvestra Silvermoon

Goddess Symbolism

The Twins are all about duality, the two different sides of the same coin.

A long time ago, when life was still seen as cyclical, when death wasn’t understood as being a final end but merely a resting stage prior to (re-)birth, people knew the Goddess to be both Creatrix and Distructress. She destroys in order to make way for new creation, as without death and destruction of the old there cannot be birth and creation of the new. The Goddess is therefore often depicted as having two faces or being a twin goddess. Over time this dual nature would evolve into the symbol of the twin pillars.

With this in mind, the original meaning of the Twins is simply the dual nature of life – of increase followed by decrease followed by increase. We see this everywhere: birth-growth-maturity-decay-death followed by regeneration and renewal. This is true for all life forms from animals to plants, as well as the moon and sun cycles and thus the seasons.

By extension, duality also symbolises two parts of a whole. Only by joining these two parts can completion and wholeness be achieved.

Both parts of the pair complement each other and are equally as valid and as important as each other to the whole.

Examples of this concept include the Chinese Yin-Yang philosophy as well as the Tantric belief that only through joining with a woman can a man become complete. In modern western psychology we speak of conscious and unconscious parts of ourselves as well as left and right brained thinking. By joining these aspects within ourselves, by respecting each one equally and using them in unison so that our logical mind and intuitive instincts complement each other, we can achieve completion and become the best we’re capable of.

The key thing here is that the two parts of the pair are complementary to each other and not at all in conflict with each other. There is no opposition, but only duality, twinning and completion to form a whole. Value judgements such as one being “better” than the other or even one being “good” while the other is “bad” are completely non-sensical and out-right wrong. Unfortunately these polarised ideas of “good” vs. “evil” as well as the obsession with opposites and opposition are something that our western society has great difficulties in overcoming. Like the Goddess Herself all of Her children have the capacity for creation and destruction. Life for one creature in more times than not means death for another.

The same as two parts make a whole, so does duality – TWO – also symbolise progress, whereby ONE splits into TWO. This is often represented by the Goddess giving birth from within Herself to a son child who is not the same but different to Her.

The Goddess is the immortal creatrix of all – She is Mother Nature Herself who will always prevail. The infant is the many transient life forms – you and I included – and other creations that the Goddess manifests as. The infant, although separate from his mother, is still very much a part of her, both psychologically and physically. Young babies feel completely one with their mothers and don’t realise they’re separate beings until quite a few months old. This unique bond is nurtured and maintained beyond pregnancy through the mother feeding her baby from her own body. It is exactly that very same bond that the imagery of the Goddess with Her infant son is portraying. Mother Nature has given birth to a great variety of galaxies, celestial bodies and of course vastly different life forms. She continues to feed and sustain us from Her own body, our precious Mother Earth.

Gemini encompasses all of those different aspects of duality: creation and destruction as essential complementary parts of the cycle of life whereby one splits into two and thus multiplies.

Gemini, being the sign of communication and networking also allows us to understand that community and by extension civilisation is based on the interaction between one self and other beings.

Gemini’s Characteristics and Traits

Being a sign of spring Geminis have an exuberant, outgoing and warm nature.

Geminis are extremely clever and sharp witted people. They are mentally agile and are able to think and do many things at once. Geminis are curious and interested in the workings of almost everything. They make fantastic researchers who love to experiment and find out everything first hand (rather than listening to hearsay).

Geminis are exceedingly open-minded and tolerant of other people’s life choices. They rarely see life in absolute terms, but understand that everything is graded.

They are real people’s people who thrive on human-to-human contact. Geminis are social and love to chat. True to their dual nature they are able to access their unconscious minds and express the symbols and impressions they find there beautifully in words. For that reason they often make great writers and storytellers.

Geminis make wonderful friends and partners, as they easily share with and relate to others. Geminis have big hearts and can love many people equally as much at the same time.

In summary Gemini women (and men) are:

– quick-thinking
– witty
– good at multitasking
– perceptive
– sharp
– curious
– clever
– resourceful
– multi-talented

– researcher
– experimental
– experiencing everything first hand
– enjoying the process

– versatile
– flexible
– open-minded
– dual in nature
– not seeing things in “black” or “white” terms
– tolerant
– idealistic

– expressive
– communicative
– articulate
– talkative
– chatty
– eloquent
– storyteller

– sharing
– open
– emotionally intimate / close to loved ones
– bridge-building
– peaceful
– friendly
– outgoing
– people’s person
– big hearted
– suitable for non-traditional family structures such as multiple partners
– need space at times

– youthful nature
– interesting
– sexy
– good humoured
– full of movement

Gemini is a mutable Air sign that is ruled by Freyja, Goddess of Communication, Travel and the Power of the Mind.

Due to its sunny disposition the sign is associated with the colour yellow.

Within the body Gemini is linked to the lungs and limbs, in particular the arms and hands.

Gemini qualities are most prominent when the Sun, the Moon or the Ascendant (Rising Sign) are in the sign of the Twins.


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  1. naomi
    Dec 02, 2012 @ 18:32:37

    dear sylvestra,

    I love the way you describe my character. I think I know you.




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