Taurus – The Bull – April 21 to May 20

“Taurus – sign of springtime and fresh start –
is the creatrix of the zodiac
with languid sensuality and great depth of heart.
A lover of beauty and harmony
she gives form to what’s inside.
A scultpress, an artist, a singer extraordinaire,
she’s physical and constant,
no others can compare.”
– by Silvestra Silvermoon

Goddess Symbolism

As far back as the Paleolithic or Old Stone Age, over 20,000 years ago, an artist chiseled what we know as the Goddess of Laussel – a female figure holding a bison horn – into a cave wall in Southern France.

Even then the curved shape of bovine horns held special meaning to our foremothers. They are reminiscent of the crescent Moon and are therefore sacred to the Goddess.

One of Her main manifestations is the Moon with her three phases. Especially in hotter climates it was the Moon who was seen as the creative source of life. She was linked to water and thus rain.

Due to the connections between the cresent Moon, the shape of bovine horns and the Moon being seen as the generating source of life, the Mother Goddess since the dawn of time has been depicted as a cow. She is the Holy Heifer, the Heavenly Cow. She gives birth to all and nourishes and sustains us with Her celestial milk, the life-giving rainwater. Later mythology connects the cow also with the creation of civilisation for it was only due to farming and agriculture that our foremothers were able to settle in one place and start to pursue more artistic activities such as sculpting, baking and pottery. Ancient records refer to Goddesses such as Hathor, Isis, Hera and Inanna as the Celestial Cow, the Bringer of Civilisation.

During the Neolithic or New Stone Age, around 8,000 years ago, bucrania, which are the head and horns of bovines (cows & bulls) were affixed at the entrances to earth tombs as well as painted onto vases and bowls. Due to their uncanny resemblance to a womb with fallopian tubes they symbolise the Goddess’s womb and Her life-creating power. They represent regeneration and rebirth.

At some point during the Neolithic, especially in Çatal Höyük in Anatolia, today’s Turkey, people started to depict the Goddess as a Mother holding an infant or small child. At that time the infant never grew up, but remained a child, usually a boy. This male child is a pictoral representation of the Goddess’s regenerative, life-creative power. He represents all of nature – the vegetation and the animals including ourselves. It is important to note that at this time the Goddess and Her son were still one entirety – the Goddess was the creative force and Her son was that what She created. The son who never grew up was forever a part of his mother, the Great Mother Goddess.

As the Goddess is the Heavenly Cow, so Her son must be the Young Bull. He is the new growth of spring, the new life, the new beginning. This is the original meaning of the bull.

When during the Bronze Age the Goddess gave birth to a son who would eventually become Her lover, She would always be the Cow while Her son would be the Bull. This is true for Inanna and Dumuzi as well as Isis and Osiris. As expected the sign of Taurus, the young bull, is ruled by Inanna-Venus, the Mother Goddess Herself, which confirms that the ancient Sumerians, who were the first to write down their astrological beliefs, still understood this original Goddess meaning of the bull as the son of the Great Cosmic Mother.

As patriarchy took over, the bull son would eventually grow into the bull as husband or father (see Zeus who was often described as a bull). The meaning of the bull, which initially was a sign of regeneration and merely a representation of the Goddess’s creative power, also changed and became to stand for strength, virility and warrior prowess.

Returning to the original matristic symbolism of the sign of Taurus, I believe it is twofold, as initially the young bull son was understood to being an inherent part of the Mother Goddess, an aspect that cannot exist on its own. As said before he simply represents all those different life forms that the Goddess creates. So, on the one hand, Taurus is the Goddess Herself as the Celestial Cow, the permanent creative force of the universe. And on the other hand, Taurus is the bull son, the transient life that the Goddess gives birth to.

As a side note according to Geraldine Thorsten in “God Herself – The Feminine Roots of Astrology” at the time when modern western astrology was first written down the Sun was in the constellation of Taurus at the spring equinox and with that the sign of the Bull was the first and not second sign of spring. This fits perfectly with its symbolism of regeneration and new life.

Taurus’ Characteristics / Traits

Taurus is all about creation. Taureans are very physical and grounded people who love to make things and not just anything, but beautiful things that enrich our lives. This can take the form of virtually anything from a sculpted piece of art or a beautiful dance to growing a garden or building a new house.

Taureans are very calm and relaxed and go about their business in a deliberate and careful manner. They are stong and steadfast, loyal and honest. They feel things very deeply and make wonderful, reliable friends. Taureans seek security and stability in order to create a sense of permanence.

Taureans are exceptionally sensual people whose sense of touch, taste and smell are their most prominent. Being “at home” within their own bodies, Taureans live very much according to the principle “your body is a temple”: they enjoy all physical pleasures from sex to food as well as like to indulge in the finer things in life. True to their love of all things beautiful and harmonious Taurean homes are usually luxurious rather than basic. However, despite their love for luxury Taureans are very earthy and love to be outdoors in nature. With a Taurean it’s never about prestige, but always about beauty – both a stunning home and a breathtaking view across a glade or valley nourish their souls.

In summary Taurean women (and men) are:

– powerful
– strong
– energetic
– with inner vitality

– enduring
– consistent
– resilient
– slow
– steady
– steadfast
– solid
– stable
– stubborn

– calm
– deliberate
– slow
– careful
– thorough

– loyal
– faithful
– deep
– honest

– realistic
– pragmatic
– practical
– grounded

– nature lovers

– creatrices
– builders
– active -> always making something

– joyful
– imaginative

– possessive

– very physical
– sensual
– with natural magnetism

– with a love for beauty and harmony
– with a love for physical pleasure

Taurus is a fixed Earth sign that is ruled by Inanna, the Goddess of Love, Beauty and Harmony

True to its earthy nature the colour that is associated with Taurus is green and blue-green.

Within the body Taurus is linked to the neck and throat. Accordingly, Taureans often have beautiful voices.

Taurean qualities are most prominent when the Sun, the Moon or the Ascendant (Rising Sign) are in the sign of the Bull.


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