The Sun: Hathor-Sekhmet in Her Aspect as the Golden and Fiery Sun (Egypt)

The Sun is quite literally the star of our solar system. She is at the centre of our existence with all other planets revolving around her.

The Sun is hot, fierce, radiating, illuminating and, most importantly, life-giving.

In astrology her main themes are: ego, vitality and individuality.

I’ve decided to assign the Egyptian Goddess Hathor-Sekhmet to represent our Mother Sun, as I felt that unlike many of the other solar Goddesses such as Amaterasu and Arinna, She exhibits both the gentle life-giving, nurturing side of our star (Hathor, the Heavenly Cow) as well as her destructive power (Sekhmet, the Lion). To find out more about Hathor, who represents the Sun in springtime – note how Taurus, the Bull, is the fixed spring sign – and Her dark aspect Sekhmet, who represents the summer Sun – note how Leo, the Lion, is the fixed summer sign – then please check out my post entitled “Hathor-Sekhmet – Holy Heifer – Lioness – Egyptian Goddess of the Sun, the Moon and the Heavenly Sky“.

Hathor-Sekhmet‘s traits and what She is about

Hathor-Sekhmet is unique, She is fiery and hot, She is vital and life-giving, She is quite literally our centre, our core.

Everything revolves around Hathor-Sekhmet and is dependent on Her and Her life-giving and -sustaining rays.

Hathor-Sekhmet represents qualities such as independence, freedom, honour, vitality and leadership. She represents our life essence.

Her main areas of focus are:

Unique Identity

– ego
– basic identity
– individuality
– uniqueness
– self-confidence
– self-esteem
– fame
– “stardom”


– will: “I want”
– power
– vitality
– joy


– influence
– success
– prominence
– honour
– leadership


– independence
– freedom

Hathor-Sekhmet‘s metal is gold.

Within the body Hathor-Sekhmet is associated with the heart and the immune system.

Hathor-Sekhmet in a Horoscope

In western astrology Hathor-Sekhmet holds a special place. She is the driving force, the life essence, behind a birth chart. Everything Hathor-Sekhmet touches becomes illuminated and warmed by Her (although occasionally Her brightness and vitality can be dampened by another planet such as Mother Holle-Saturn).

Hathor-Sekhmet describes our core, our character. This is our inner essence, as opposed to the outer persona that we show to other people (this is usually described by the Ascendant or Rising Sign).

Hathor-Sekhmet represents our ego, which is the person we believe we are and with whom we identify ourselves. The ego is the person we like to be seen as. It is the ego that gets upset when our not-so-nice shadow rears its head and upsets the “perfect” image we’ve created of ourselves in our minds.

Hathor-Sekhmet tells us what our life purpose is, what are main goals and ambitions are. She tells us our intentions and direction and what is important to us. Hathor-Sekhmet also tells us the way in which we pursue our goals.

The House that Hathor-Sekhmet is in shows us the – most likely – most important area in our life.

The sign that Hathor-Sekhmet is in describes the person we strive to become.

Hathor-Sekhmet rules Leo, the Lion, the honourable fiery leader of the zodiac who enjoys basking in the limelight. She feels most at home, i.e. is exalted, in Aries, the Ram, which makes perfect sense, as Aries is driven and passionate and is described as the pioneer of the zodiac. Aries is ruled by Pele-Mars, whose energy is similar to that of Hathor-Sekhmet, the Sun.


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