Venus: Inanna, Goddess of Love, Beauty and Harmony (Sumer)

The planet Venus is the second closest planet to the Sun. Like Freyja-Mercury she’s an inner planet, which means that from our vantage point on Earth the planet Venus always appears to be close to the Sun and can be seen either as a morning or evening star.

Venus is the brightest body in our solar system, as she reflects about 80% of the sun’s light. For comparison the Moon only reflects 7% of the sunlight. Venus is absolutely stunning to look at, she is bright and actually looks like a pointed star (unlike most of the stars in our skies which only look like dots of light).

In astrology the planet Venus stands for love, beauty, harmony and relationships. Like the Moon Venus exibits phases and is therefore also associated with feelings and moods. While Hera-Moon represents the Goddess as Mother and Nurturer, Venus symbolises the Goddess as Lover.

To represent astrological Venus I could have chosen any of the Venus Goddesses including Roman Venus Herself. However, I very quickly picked one of the original Venus Goddesses, Sumer’s Inanna, to represent the planet Venus. Although in modern astrology Venus isn’t attributed more than just Goddess of Love and Beauty, originally the Goddess as Venus was so much more! She was the Daughter of the Moon, the Queen of Heaven, Earth and the Underworld. Please see my post entitled “The Origial Venus – Goddess of Heaven, Earth and the Underworld” to find out more. To find out more about Inanna, the Sumerian Goddess as Venus, please check out my post “Inanna – The Sumerian Mother Goddess, Queen of Heaven and Earth“.

Inanna‘s traits and what She is about

Inanna is a planet of feelings and the soul. She is a very romantic and artistic planet that is deeply rooted in the material world. Inanna is the planet of lovers, of sensuality and eroticism. She is also the planet of pleasure, joy, peace and harmony. She is the planet of art, music and poetry. Inanna is about everything that makes our world beautiful. She brings joy and love to our lives and makes us want to share our happiness with others.

Inanna‘s main areas of focus are:


– love
– pleasure
– happiness
– joy
– intimacy
– desire
– sensuality
– eroticism


– give and take
– sharing
– nurturing


– art
– music
– poetry
– tastes
– aesthetic sensibilities


– peace
– harmony
– balance


– attractiveness
– magnetism
– charm
– charisma
– self-valuation (how attractive, loveable someone sees themselves)

Material Possessions

– wealth
– beautiful things / objects
– physical comforts
– money

Inanna‘s metal is copper.

Within the body Inanna governs the sense of touch and the erogenous zones, esp. the breasts.

Inanna in a Horoscope

Inanna is a personal planet that affects each individual uniquely. However, it’s possible to change these traits through willpower.

Within a horoscope Inanna describes our capacity to appreciate the beauty and harmony that is all around us.

Inanna tells us what gives us pleasure, what we enjoy doing and what makes us happy.

She describes how easy we are to please and what we like to do to make those around us happy. Pehaps we have a special skill or talent that we share with others.

Inanna also tells us what we find attractive in others and what others find attractive in us.

The planet Inanna rules Taurus, the Bull, as well as Libra, the sign of the scales. Both signs are deeply linked to all things beautiful: in case of Earthly Taurus Inanna’s beauty is expressed very much in the real world, while in case of airy Libra it’s reflected more in the realm of peace and harmony. Both signs are clearly linked to the Goddess as Venus, as both the Bull and the Harvest (which is represented by the Scales) are manifestations of Her son-lover.

Inanna is exalted in Pisces, the sign of the Fish, which means that She feels particularly comfortable in this sign. The fish is an ancient symbol of the Goddess that represents regeneration and renewal. In astrology watery Pisces is the empath of the zodiac, so it comes as no surprise that loving, peaceful Inanna should feel at home here.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. tornflyingbutterfly
    Nov 18, 2015 @ 08:34:27

    I feel a connection to Inanna. When I first read about her a while ago her dark aspect scared me,I no longer feel that way. Tonight I felt to search other goddesses, and i also lovingly felt prompted to do so by the goddesses i work with. I can’t explain why, expect my soul felt broken. I love Hekate and Persephone- but I felt in some ways im still searching for healing. I wonder if there is something about Inanna that I need. Also thank you for connecting her with Venus, I fully agree and feel that.


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