Mercury: Freya, Goddess of Communication, Travel and the Power of the Mind (Norse)

The planet Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun. For that reason it’s either in the same astrological sign or the one before or after that of the Sun.

The god known to the Romans as Mercury was known to the Greeks as Hermes. His Egyptian equal was the god Thoth.

Hermes was a charming and quick-witted trickster. He managed to steal Apollo’s cows behind everyone’s back when he was still only a baby and once found out was able to talk his way out of it. In addition to being exceedingly smart and sweet-talking, Hermes was a god of language, writing, magic and healing. Hermes was the messenger of the gods as well as a Psychopomp who ferried the souls of the dead onto the other side. Hermes’s namesake Hermes Trimegistus was an alchemist and occultist.

The astrological planet Mercury has taken on Hermes’ principal characteristics, namely those of communication, travel and the power of the mind to shape and transform its surroundings by changing consciousness at will. The latter is what is known as magic. The planet Mercury is associated with mental agility and adaptiveness.

These are all qualities exibited by the original Venus Goddesses such as Inanna in Sumer and Isis in Egypt who essentially went on consciousness-altering shamanic journeys into the darkness of their unconscious minds. According to myth the original Venus Goddess would, just like the Moon, travel into the Realm of Darkness for three days before rising again. (Please check out “The Original Venus – Goddess of Heaven, Earth and the Underworld” to find out more about the original Venus Goddess.) In earlier versions of the myth the descent was usually due to a personal quest while in later myths the Goddess was said to travel into the Underworld to save Her Son-Lover-Consort. As said before, one of the interpretations of the Descent Myth is that the Underworld represents the Unconscious and the journey the Goddess undertakes is Her quest to reunite with Her own dark self. Because of this I could have assigned any of the Venus Goddesses to represent Mercury. My initial choice was Egyptian Isis, as the horned symbol for astrological Mercury reminded me a lot of Isis’ heifer horns. I eventually chose Freyja, the Norse Shaman Goddess, as She embodies all of the qualities of Mercury perfectly. To find out more about Freyja, please read my post entitled “Freyja – Great Mother and Shaman Goddess of the Nordic People“.

Freyja‘s traits and what She is about

Freyja is the planet of communication, travel and the conscious mind. She is essentially a shaman planet that embodies our human consciousness and our ability to shape our surroundings through the power of thought. Freyja stands for our ability to explore altered states of consciousness to gain knowledge and wisdom.

Freyja is the planet of magic and trance journeys. The art of magic essentially involves the conscious mind communicating with the unconscious mind in order to make desired changes take place. To do this a magic practitioner uses images and symbols, as the unconscious mind doesn’t understand words and logic.

Freyja‘s main areas of focus are:


– language
– writing
– “gift of the gab”
– networking
– negotiations
– trading
– charm
– social skills


– mistress of disguise
– deception
– trickery
– mischievousness

The Mind

– cleverness
– intellect
– ingenuity
– resourcefulness
– inventiveness
– rational thought
– reason
– lateral thinking
– quick-wittedness
– mentally agility
– fast thinking
– open mindedness
– flexibility


– literal physical travels
– shamanic trance journeys


– affecting one’s surroundings by changing consciousness at will
– astrology
– tarot
– the occult / alchemy

Freyja‘s metal is mercury or quicksilver (although the Goddess’s real metal is likely gold).

Within the body Freyja governs the nervous system.

Freyja in a Horoscope

Freyja is a personal planet that affects each individual uniquely. However, it’s possible to change these traits through will power.

Within a horoscope Freyja describes our unique communications style. She tells us what we like to talk about and what our thoughts are focused on.

Being about language, Freyja describes how we understand others and how we express ourselves. She tells us the manner in which we digest and process information.

In astrology Freyja acts as a kind of agent or message switchboard for the other planets. She describes how we convey their messages.

The planet Freyja rules Gemini, the fast-talking, mentally agile, friendly Air sign of the Twins as well as Virgo the Earth sign of the Maiden Goddess who also is exceedingly sharp witted and mentally active. Freyja is exalted, in other words happiest, in the sign of Virgo.


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