Pluto: Medusa, Dark Goddess of Transformation, Queen of the Shadow Self (Libya, North Africa)

Planet Pluto is named after the Roman God of the Underworld (Greek Hades) and like its namesake astrological Pluto is associated with death and transformation.

These are clearly qualities of the Dark Moon Goddess who represents the time of rest and regeneration that takes place at the end of one cycle and just before the start of the next. (See also “Moon Magic and the Triple Goddess“)

Life is cyclical and the Dark Phase of a cycle is the closure phase between the destruction of the old and the creation of the new. This is true for all things from the Wheel of the Year to the Moon’s phases to a woman’s menstrual cycle and even the Wheel of Life itself. To understand this concept of continuity and the cyclical nature of life itself, we need to understand a little about energy. All the energy in existence is permanent and indestructible. This is a scientific fact known as the Law of Conservation of Energy. This permanent, indestructible energy can exist in one of two states, either manifested as matter or unmanifested as formless energy. The transitionary period between two physical manifestations involves a process of cleansing and renewal. This transformative state of regeneration is equivalent to the dark phase of the moon which is governed by the Dark Moon aspect of the Goddess. The indestructible energy that is transformed from matter to energy and back to matter IS the primordial Goddess in Her entirety who is immanent in all and everything.

I could have assigned any of the Dark Moon Goddesses to the planet Pluto. However, as astrological Pluto is also associated with our suppressed Shadow side, I knew the perfect Goddess to represent Pluto would also have to have a perceived darker / unwelcome side such as Libyan Medusa or Semitic Lillith who were both turned into monsters by Classical Greek and Hebrew mythology, respectively. I eventually chose Medusa to be the Goddess of Transformation and Queen of our Repressed Shadow Selves. Medusa is a Snake Goddess who with Her snakefaced Gorgon Mask represents life energy and regeneration. In Greek mythology She also represents Athena’s Shadow side. To find out more about both Medusa and Her Maiden Self Athena, please check out my post entitled “Medusa – The Libyan Dark Moon Serpent Goddess“.

Medusa‘s traits and what She is about

Medusa is the planet of death and transformation. She is natural law, She is the “cold” truth of life and death. Medusa is the animal base nature that is left when you strip away the false façade of polite society.

Medusa is about secrets, suppressed materials (the Jungian “Shadow”) and taboos.

Medusa is the not-so-very-nice side of ourselves, of our societies, that we’d like to negate. Within an individual this may be based on real actions that invoke our sense of guilt and self-loathing, but may also be something that we merely believe is bad due to societal expectations. The more we deny Medusa‘s existence, the bigger She will grow until one day She will erupt violently to destroy our constructed walls and purge our denied truths, so that we can start afresh and – now cleansed – rise again like the Phoenix from the ashes.

Medusa‘s main areas of focus are:

Death & Renewal

– death (often violent and unexpected unlike Mother Holle-Saturn’s death due to old age)
– transformation, usually large-scale
– natural law: birth – flowering – decay – death – rebirth
– major change
– upheaval
– new beginnings


– suppressed materials (“Shadow”)
– secrets
– mysteries
– the occult
– depth psychology

The dark side of life

– taboos
– paranoia
– survival
– shrewdness
– cynicism
– being streetwise / clued up


– power
– control
– obsession

Bringing “things” to a head

– cleansing
– eliminating
– purging false constructs

Karma for collective sins

– corrects social wrongs with no regard for the innoncent

Medusa‘s metal is plutonium, but oil and coal are also linked to Her, as they once were living matter that became buried all at once due to a natural disaster.

Within the body Medusa rules the dark Shadow side of our unconscious.

Medusa in a Horoscope

Medusa is an outer planet which means that Her journey around the sun is so slow that many people over many years share the same sign in their horoscopes. For that reason house positions and aspects are more meaningful for an individual reading.

The Outer Plantes of Transformation have more of a significance for the collective. Their influence tends to be spiritual or cultural (memetic) in nature. They affect cultural programming and represent long-term changes that shake up habitual patterns of behaviour and beliefs.

Medusa acts in one of two ways. On the one hand She makes us suppress and deny the societal wrongs we’re currently committing, while on the other hand She purges our collective Shadow and forces us to face our society’s past crimes. Things that come to mind include the Witch Burnings and the related oppression of all things female and sexual, Slavery, Colonialism,  offensive War and, of course, the atrocities committed during WWII.

In a personal chart Medusa is also linked to our denied unconscious Shadow.

Medusa rules Scorpio, the intense and secretive Water sign. She is exalted in Aries, which means that She feels perfectly at home in the Sign of the Ram. This is as expected as Boudicca-Mars who rules Aries and Medusa are both concerned with survival. While as a personal planet Boudicca-Mars cares about the survival of the individual, Medusa is about survival of the collective irrespective of individual loss and suffering.


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  1. Erin
    Aug 23, 2016 @ 02:37:59

    Thanks for sharing this. You’ve illuminated some things that I just couldn’t express. Blessed be.


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