Uranus: Oya, the Wind of Change, Goddess of Revolution (Yoruba People, West Africa)

Astrological Uranus is the planet of upheaval, of sudden changes and revolution. These are all characteristics exhibited by the Crone or Dark Moon Goddess in Her capacity as Destroyer. (See also “Moon Magic and the Triple Goddess“)

For that reason I could have chosen any of the Goddesses of Destruction whose task it is to make way for new creation. Examples include Hawaiian Pele and Indian Kali. It was Kali, the best known Destroyer Goddesses, who I was drawn to initially. Wearing a necklace of severed heads and a belt made of hands, She wildly spins and turns in a neverending dance of creation and destruction. I felt She was a perfect representative of the Dark Mother who mercilessly cuts away the old to subsequently give birth to the new. However, after some more detailed reseach I realised that Kali’s meaning in modern Hinduism is much more complex than merely being the Destroyer-Creatrix. I came across many posts by Hindus who felt that their religion was mis-represented by non-initiates. I therefore chose another Dark Goddess to represent Uranus.

Oya, the Yoruban Goddess of Storms, Destruction and Sudden Change turned out to be an even better fit for Uranus than Kali. [1] Like Kali She is also the Dark Mother Goddess in Her aspect of Destroyer-Creatrix. However, unlike Kali Oya is often referred to as the Wind of Change, which sums up Uranus perfectly. Oya is unconventional, as is Uranus. One of Her colours is purple, which is interesting, as the planet Uranus appears to have an ultraviolet glow. Finally, Oya is the wind, which fits quite nicely, given that Uranus rules Aquarius, the unconventional revolutionary Air sign. Oya, the Dark Mother Goddess of the Yoruba People is the perfect match for the planet we know as Uranus. To find out more about Her, please check out my post called “Oya – The Dark Goddess of Storms, Destruction and Change of the Yoruba People“.

Oya‘s traits and what She is about

Oya is the Wind of Change. She causes major shake-ups and upheaval that suddenly and irreversibly destroy the old in order to make way for the new. Oya is destruction that ultimately leads to creation. She is the Darkness where the end of one cycle connects to the beginning of the next.

Oya‘s main areas of focus are:


– destruction of the old to make way for the new


– revolution
– rebellion
– radical, sudden, unexpected changes

New Ways of Thinking

– breaking the mould
– unconventional thinking
– thinking outside of the box
– crossing / breaking down of boundaries

New Technology

– discoveries
– inventions

Standing Out

– individualism
– separatism
– in a way: selfishness

Oya-Uranus’ metal is Uranium. [2]

Within the body Oya is linked to all mutations and deviations from the norm, both good (evolution) and bad (e.g. cancer)

Oya in a Horoscope

Oya is an Outer Planet, also called a Planet of Transformation.

As such She represents principles and issues that are spiritual or cultural (memetic) in their nature. The changes that Oya creates affect our cultural programming. They are long-term and far reaching, they shake up our habitual patterns and our belief systems. Oya‘s changes are quite revolutionary.

Changes caused by the Outer Planets affect an individual in one of two ways:

1) INDIRECTLY via the group / culture / society, which means that the society a person lives in changes its rules such as equal rights for women or acceptance of same-sex marriage. Sometimes these changes are brought on by gruesome violence such as warring invadors.

2) DIRECTLY via spiritual “divine” inspiration, which means that the individual suddenly has a flash of insight or enlightenment.

On a personal level all major life-changing events are “Oyan-Uranian” in nature, such as getting married, having a baby or moving home, but also family break-ups, job losses, accidents, illnesses and of course death. Oya‘s changes may be for the better or the worse.

Being one of the outer planets that move through the zodiac only slowly, the sign that Oya is in at the time of someone’s birth describes more the society she or he is born into, rather than the person themselves. Within an individual horoscope the aspects and house positions are much more relevant.

Oya rules Aquarius, the revolutionary Air sign, and is exalted in Scorpio which means that Her energies feel at home here. This is as expected, as Scorpio is the Dark Water Sign of Transformation.


[1] Oya is actually an Orisa or Orisha, which is a spirit or deity. The Yoruba religion is a nature-based tradition that believes in one source of everything called Olòrún or Olódùmarè. The Orishas are the different aspects of Olòrún-Olódùmarè manifested all over the natural world. Essentially Olòrún-Olódùmarè is the Goddess and the Orishas are different aspects of Her.

[2] The Goddess Oya’s actual metal is copper.


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  1. Allison
    Mar 20, 2014 @ 11:43:14

    I was asking questions about my spirit guide, I am a single mother of 4 children, and I was married twice and divorced , and is strugling with everything, is a spiritual person, and have been getting signs, of Oya around me but never been able to understand why, till I saw and hear her mane called in my dream wanting to no more I am looking up all I could find about her


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    May 02, 2018 @ 07:12:21

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