Saturn: Mother Holle, the Crone or Old Grandmother Time (Germany)

The classical Greeks knew Saturn as Kronos. He was Old Father Time and was often depicted with a sickle in his hand, an image that has retained with us into the modern era in the form the Grim Reaper.

Kronos “Time” is the etmological root for words such as chronology, chronological, chronometer and perhaps even our beloved crone.

The astrological Saturn is the complete opposite of Artemis-Jupiter. Where Artemis-Jupiter is young and expanding, Saturn is old and contracting. Both of them are interpersonal planets that balance each other out.

Being the Crone-Planet, Saturn exibits the characteristics of the Crone aspect of the Triple Goddess: limits, boundaries and wisdom. In case of Saturn the Old Crone’s wisdom expresses itself in the form of Weaver of Fate and Fortune. (See also “Moon Magic and the Triple Goddess“).

For that reason I could have picked any of the Waning Moon Goddesses that were linked to the weaving of destiny and karma such as the Pueblo People’s Spider Grandmother, Egypyian Maat, the Greek Moirai or the Scandinavian Norns.

I decided to settle on the German Mother Holle, a character I remember clearly from my childhood and who is someone who doesn’t receive much attention beyond the fairy tale world, even though She is a very ancient Goddess. Unlike some of the other Crone Moon Goddesses, Mother Holle is actually an old woman with white hair. She is a Weaver / Spinner who rewards those who enter Her underground realm with exactly what they deserve. To find out more about Mother Holle and Her Neolithic roots, please check out my post entitled “Mother Holle – the Germanic Goddess of Death and Regeneration, Weaver of Fate and Fortune“.

Mother Holle‘s traits and what She is about

Mother Holle is the Goddess of Death and Renewal. She reminds us of our mortality and the finality of life. She teaches us that all creation, all art, is dependent on limitations and discipline in order to exist. Creation in all its forms is not just a function of imagination and ideas, but requires discipline and the cutting away of unwanted parts to become something worthwhile. Creation and boundaries go hand in hand.

Mother Holle is the planet of wisdom and maturity. Her general nature is long-term and serious. As said before, She is the balancing force to Artemis-Jupiter’s unbound exuberant nature.

Mother Holle‘s main areas’ of focus are:


– rules
– regulations
– limitations
– boundaries
– discipline
– decrease / contractions
– reality

The Past

– traditions
– roots
– safety
– caution

Cosmic Responsibility / Karma

– justice
– fate / destiny / karma
– accountability
– responsibility


– patience
– wisdom
– maturity

Mother Holle‘s metal is lead.

Within the body Mother Holle is linked to skin and the skeletal system.

Mother Holle in a Horoscope

Like Artemis-Jupiter Mother Holle is an interpersonal planet that describes our interactions within the community. Aspects and house positions are therefore more important than the actual sign Mother Holle is in.

Within a horoscope She represents:

* our social consciousness
* our awareness of limitations
* our long-term focus
* our commitment
* our self-discipline
* our seriousness of purpose
* our personal struggle and sacrifice for the greater good
* our “Shadow”: our weaknesses, our fears and our own mortality

Mother Holle rules Capricorn, the Cardianal sign of Winter. She is exalted in Libra, which means She is perfectly at home in the sign of the Scales, which represent firstly the weighing of the harvest and secondly justice and judgement. This is as expected considering that Mother Holle is the Goddess of Death and Regeneration and the Weaver of Fate and Fortune.


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