Jupiter: Artemis, the Maiden of the Silver Bow (Crete, Anatolia, Thrace and Greece)

In astrology the planet Jupiter (Gr. Zeus) exibits primarily those characteristics that are usually associated with the Maiden aspect of the Triple Goddess: Growth, Expansion and Opportunities. (See “Moon Magic and the Triple Goddess“)

Jupiter is outward-going, it is the planet of Youth.

For that reason I could have assigned any of the Maiden Goddesses to Jupiter such as Greek Kore, Welch Blodeuwedd (pronounced blow-dye’wed) or Irish Brigid.

Although not a Maiden Goddess Herself, for a while I considered Danu, the Celtic Mother Goddess who led Her children, the Tuatha de Danaan, successfully from Thrace in SE Europe along the Danube river across the continent up to Denmark and all the way west to Ireland. [1] She was their guardian angel on their long journey and was seen as the bringer of fortune and good luck. Her daughters were brave women who fought fiercely for their freedom alongside their men both on foot and on horseback. Danu would have been a fitting ruler over Sagittarius, the freedom-loving adventuress, the archeress on the back of a stallion [2].

In the end, I changed my mind and decided that Artemis, the Goddess of the Amazons, was an even better fit for Jupiter. She is the Lady of the Wild Beasts, the Maiden of the Silver Bow. Artemis is the Goddess in Her Maiden form, concerned with new life and growth. She is also a huntress with Her moon-shaped bow. And like their Celtic sisters, the Amazons were acomplished horsewomen and archers. To find out more about Artemis and Her brave Amazon daughters, please, check out my post entitled “Artemis – The Goddess of the Amazons“.

Artemis‘ traits and what She is about

Artemis is the Goddess of the Waxing Crescent Moon. She is young and represents beginnings and fresh starts. She is an adventuress, a youthful risk-taker and a free spirit. Her gifts include prophesy, healing and joy.

Her general themes are:

* Growth
* Youthful exuberance
* Everything working out well
* The world being one’s oyster
* Having an easy time

More specifically, Artemis‘ main areas of focus are:

* expansion
* good fortune
* benevolence
* opportunities
* confidence
* individual freedom
* creativity

Artemis-Jupiter’s metal is tin.

She is associated with the liver.

Artemis in a Horoscope

In astrology Artemis is an interpersonal planet that describes our interactions within the community. Aspects and house positions are more important than the actual sign Artemis is in.

Within a horoscope She represents:

* our belief system
* our worldview
* our ability to make our mark in the world

Artemis rules Sagittarius, the archeress on the back of a horse. She once was said to also rule Pisces, the sign of the fish or dolphins. Artemis is exalted in Cancer, which means that She is perfectly at home in the sign that’s ruled by Hera, the Moon. This is as expected considering that Artemis is the Moon in Her Maiden form.


[1] According to Robert Graves the Celtic people originated in SE Europe and then travelled across the continent to finally settle in Ireland and the British Isles. According to Marija Gimbutas archaeological evidents suggests that the Celts originated in Central Europe and then spread out all across the continent including as far east as Asia Minor.

[2] Although according to Classical Greek Mythology the Centaur was a male human half (male rider) on a mare’s body, the original image for the Centaur was in fact a female archer (most likely an Amazon) on a stallion.


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Delphyne
    Mar 25, 2013 @ 16:56:35

    Thought you might like this article, written by Max Dashu – Searching for Diana.



  2. neroprotagonist
    Jun 23, 2013 @ 04:05:03

    The male counterpart the hunter. I was wondering if there are sites where I could find the male counterparts for the maiden, mother, and crone. I’m really drawn by this Artemis character by the way. Wish there was a way I could learn more about this Lady of the Silver Bow. I have a feeling it could help me understand women with her character.


    • Silvestra
      Jun 23, 2013 @ 11:06:11

      Initially Artemis had no male counterpart as the Goddess ruled supreme. Later Classical Greek mythology named Apollo Her twin brother (Apollo as the sun to Artemis as the moon).
      As for having male counterparts to the maiden, mother and crone, I doubt you will find that, as those three phases of womanhood are linked to the three phases of the moon that closely resemble the circular nature of womanhood. The life of men on the other hand is linear – no cycles, no biological changes due to fatherhood or menopause. For that reason even in cultures where the moon was seen as male such as the Germanic tribes, there are no three phases attributed to males. Hope that helps. Blessings, S.


  3. neroprotagonist
    Jun 23, 2013 @ 12:24:40

    That leaves a very bare picture of manhood indeed. I was under the understanding that just as there are Three Faces of Eve there are also Three Faces of Adam (Hunter, Lord, and Sage). I guess I was wrong. Plenty of people have written books on it, sure, but it’s quite difficult to find the ones that’s built on research on the occult. I was hoping I could find one here. I guess I won’t be finding any. I am fascinated by the research on this blog though, so I’ll be sticking around and looking forward to your updates 🙂


    • Silvestra
      Jun 23, 2013 @ 13:02:08

      Look, I know nothing about Adam and Eve. Adam may very well be attributed with three sides (although they most definitely would have been “stolen” from the moon’s three phases which have always been linked to women). This blog’s main focus is really the uncovering of the (purposefully) hidden womenlore that got twisted and/or lost over the millenia. I’m wondering whether this site can answer some of your questions: http://www.magickaschool.com/index.php It’s a great site with loads of info. It’s geared towards the occult and teachings of the Golden Dawn, which I think is more male-oriented. Good luck and thanks for liking my blog! S.


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