The Moon: Hera, Pre-Hellenic Mother Goddess (Crete and Mycenaean Greece)

The Moon in western astrology mainly deals with the Mother aspect of the Moon. (see “Moon Magic and the Triple Goddess“)

I could have chosen any of the Mother Moon Goddesses such as Roman Luna, Thracian Leto, Celtic Arianrhod, Greek Selene or even the Earth Goddess Demeter to represent the astrological Moon.

After some research and more thinking I decided to assign the pre-Hellenic Minoan and Mycenaean Great Mother Goddess Hera to the Moon. She seemed to be the perfect fit, as Her character exibits exactly those qualities that our matrifocal foremothers would have considered to be those of a Mother. She is also linked to the crab and the bee, which in days gone by was another animal connected to Cancer. Finally, I felt that the Great Mother Hera deserved to have Her real story told: She is SO much more than what the Classical Hellenic Greeks turned Her into! Please read my post in the Goddess Spirituality section entitled “Hera – The Pre-Hellenic Great Mother Goddess of the Minoan and Mycenaean Greeks” to find out more about Her.

Hera‘s traits and what She is about

Hera represents the Mother, but not with any of the stigmas that our still very male-focused society attaches to that role. Hera is the kind of mother that our matrifocal / matrilineal ancestors would have known and esteemed.

Hera is life-giving and nurturing. She is strong and independent without being tied to a husband who takes care of Her. Hera takes care of Herself and all those She loves and holds dear. She is affectionate and forgiving, but can lay down the law when the need arises. Hera is fiercely protective of all She creates and loves.

I feel that Mother and Motherhood don’t necessarily have to refer to a woman with children. Instead Hera‘s mothering qualities broadly describe the aspect within all of us of Creatrix (or Creator in case of a man). Yes, this may be a child of course, but may also be a project.

Hera‘s main areas of focus are:

Unconscious “gut” feelings / right brain thinking

– emotions
– feelings
– moods
– instincts
– intuition


– motherhood (with regard to both real and ideas children)
– nurture
– protection
– home / sanctuary

The Past

– roots
– background
– heritage

Habitual behaviours

– habits
– everyday lives


– change
– adaptability

Hera‘s metal is silver.

Hera is linked to water and cups / recepticles which are symbolic for the Goddess as Life-giver and are therefore inherently linked to women.

Hera is associated with the womb and body fluids, especially menstruation.

Hera in a Horoscope

In astrology Hera is one of the personal planets. She represents:

* our soul
* our unconscious
* our psyche
* our deep desires
* our personal needs
* our nurturing self
* our comfort levels
* our ability to adapt
* our instinctive reactions
* our habitual behaviours

Hera rules Cancer and is exalted in Taurus, which means that She is perfectly at home in the sign of the Heifer / Bull. This is as expected considering that Hera Herself is the Holy Heifer and Taurus is a highly creative sign.


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