A Journey across the Zodiac

After a long winter the weather is finally warming up. The days are getting longer, the flowers are blooming and new life is spritting everywhere. The world is awash in green and bright colours, animals are waking from their long slumber and babies are being born. It’s the beginning of spring, the season of birth and growth. The zodiac signs that the Sun travels through in spring are Aries, Taurus and Gemini. [1] They are young and fresh, ready for life and raring to get going: Aries, the Pioneer, starts off the season as well as her own projects, Taurus, the Creatrix, builds and makes practical yet beautiful things that make life more comfortable, and Gemini, the Lovers, makes friends and connects with other people.

After a warm spring, summer arrives and with it comes the heat. It’s hot and dry, the fruits are growing and getting bigger, as are the baby animals. The year is in full swing, life is at its peak. Summer is the season of maturity and ripening. The zodiac signs that the Sun travels through in summer are Cancer, Leo and Virgo. They have matured from spring’s exuberance and are busy taking care of the fruits of their efforts to help them reach completion. Cancer, the Protectress, looks after what is dear to her: her sanctuary, her close friends and family. Leo, the Leader, is full of life and exudes confidence. She inspires those around her to be their very best. And Virgo, the Professional, analyses and dicerns the facts available. She has high standards and works hard to meet them.

The summer comes to a close and the nights are starting to cool down. Summer’s fruits have ripened and the leaves are turning yellow. Autumn has arrived and with it the season of the harvest. But as the nights are getting longer and the Dark Goddess yet again begins Her reign, life on Earth is slowing down and getting ready for winter’s sleep. The zodiac signs that the Sun travels through in autumn are Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius. They bear the fruits of previous work and are increasingly concerned with life’s darker side. Libra, the Diplomat, weighs up the pros and cons and with great charm mediates between the parties, Scorpio, the Investigatrix, delves deep to discover the secrets of life and death, and Sagittarius, the Adventuress, is a free spirit that won’t be contained.

Finally winter has arrived and with it the longest night of the year. From then on the nights are getting shorter again, but darkness will reign for a while longer yet. Winter is a time for rest and recuperation. The animals have slowed down or are hibernating and next season’s seeds are buried deep underground in Mother Earth’s protective womb waiting for spring. The zodiac signs that the Sun travels through in winter are Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. As winter is a time of rest, so are the signs of the zodiac at this time concerned with inner work and contemplation. Capricorn, the Keeper of Tradition, works hard to keep the wisdom of the old, while Aquarius, the Revolutionist, cuts away the unnecessary to make way for the new. And Pisces, the Empath, transcends the mundane into the spiritual realm, ready to give birth to the new season that starts with Aries, the Pioneer.


[1] According to Geraldine Thorsten in God Herself the sign at the spring equinox used to be Taurus. Aries used to be the last sign in winter representing the process of rebirth that would culminate in the birth of the new season.


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