The Elements in General

All across the ancient world people believed that all substances – dead and alive – were made up of four elements or building blocks:


They correctly identified and distinguished between the four essential ingredients for life as well as the the four different states of matter.

Earth is a solid.

Water is a liquid.

Air is a gas.

Fire is plasma.

Plasma is formed when a gas gets so hot that an important fraction of the atoms becomes ionised, which essentially means the atoms are broken up. The stars including our Sun are made up of plasma. Plasma is pure fire.

Fire also is the operator through which matter changes from one state to another.

In astrology these elements and their typical characteristics are used to describe the general nature or “state” of a person, situation or event. Nobody can be described by just one element. A horoscope is made up of many different signs that influence different aspects of a person’s character and potential. However, some elements may be more prominent or even absent in a horoscope.

To use myself as an example, like with most people all the elements are represented in my horoscope. However, I only have one planet in an Earth sign, the majority being in Water and Air signs. My general broad nature is therefore less practical and more emotional and analytical.


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